Behind the Mural Stories: Art Connecting Spaces with Identities

A few months ago, I received a call from Kushki, a paytech company that is revolutionizing the world of payment solutions. They asked me to transform their new offices located in the heart of Quito, within a modern building on Av. Eloy Alfaro.

Kushki, founded in Ecuador with a presence in various Latin American countries, presented me with the intriguing task of painting murals depicting the evolution of money and how it has impacted our relationship with it over time, from gold, spondylus shells, cocoa, sucre, and dollars to digital payments. In addition to their focus on technological development, Kushki decided to add a touch of color and artistic expression to their offices to enrich their workspace. By merging the pillars of their corporate identity with my artistic proposal, I painted murals that reflect the essence of Kushki and its Ecuadorian roots—a place where art and technology harmoniously converge.

The creative process involved close collaboration with the Kushki team to understand their vision and values. I conceptualized the murals and translated them into digital sketches, exploring different aspects of what the company wanted to convey in their space. This collaboration showcased how art can transcend formal boundaries and enhance the work environment.

The result is a set of captivating murals that infuse personality into the walls of Kushki’s offices. Every stroke and color was carefully chosen to create a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere. These murals not only transform the physical space but also convey the passion and innovative spirit of Kushki, inviting all visitors to immerse themselves in a unique and meaningful visual experience.

“Expressing a company’s identity is a challenging and deeply artistic endeavor. Apitatán achieved it efficiently and with a wonderful result.”
Oscar Quevedo / Senior Vice President, Culture de Kushki

 * Don’t forget to watch the attached video of the creative process to appreciate the work behind these murals.